Our 37th Year
Livestock Trophy Sponsor

Huntsville Rental Center

Calendar Events

Thu, Apr. 095:30 pmBuyer\'s Pre-Sale Party - Live Entertainment Main Building
Thu, Apr. 097:00 pmJunior Livestock Premium SaleMain Building
Sat, Apr. 11noon - after horticultureFreezer SaleMain Building
Sat, Apr. 116:00 - 6:30 pmSilent Auction for Re-Sale AnimalsLivestock Office
Sun, Apr. 127:00 - 9:00 amLivestock Released
Livestock  --  Steers
Sat, Oct. 189:00 - 11:00 amSteer Tag-InFairgrounds
Sat, Dec. 068:00 - 10:00 amSteer Weigh-InFairgrounds
Sat, Jan. 038:00 - 10:00 amSteer Weigh-InFairgrounds
Sat, Mar. 078:00 - 10:00 amSteer Weigh-InFairgrounds
Mon, Apr. 064:00 - 7:00 pmSteer Official Final Weigh-InLivestock Barn
Wed, Apr. 086:00 pmSteer ShowLivestock Show Arena
Sat, Feb. 078:00 - 10:00 amSteer Weigh-InFairgrounds
Livestock  --  Swine
Thu, Dec. 114:30 - 7:00 pmSwine Tag-InLivestock Barn
Mon, Apr. 063:00 - 6:00 pmSwine Check-In & Official Weigh-InLivestock Barn
Tue, Apr. 076:00 pmMarket Swine ShowLivestock Show Arena
Livestock  --  Lambs
Tue, Oct. 286:00 - 7:00 pmLamb Tag-InFairgrounds - Main Barn
Sun, Apr. 052:00pm - 4:00 pmLambs Check-InLivestock Barn
Mon, Apr. 066:00 pmMarket Lamb ShowLivestock Arena
Livestock  --  Broilers
Tue, Oct. 216:00 pmBroiler Exhibitor Order Date Rental Office
Mon, Apr. 067:00 am - 9:00 amBroilers Check-InLivestock Barn
Mon, Apr. 0610:00 amBroiler ShowLivestock Show Arena
Livestock  --  Rabbits
Mon, Mar. 026:00 - 8:00 pmRabbits - Mandatory Tattooing of BabiesCommitteeman\'s Room
Tue, Apr. 078:00 amRabbits in PlaceLivestock Barn
Tue, Apr. 079:00 amRabbit Meat Pen JudgingLivestock Show Arena
Livestock  --  Commercial Heifers
Sat, Oct. 1812:00 - 2:00 pmCommercial Heifers Tag-InHuntsville Livestock
Wed, Apr. 088:00 am - 12:00 pmCommercial Heifers Check-InLivestock Barn
Wed, Apr. 081:30 pmCommercial Heifers ShowLivestock Barn
Livestock  --  Goats
Tue, Oct. 286:00 - 7:00 pmGoat Tag-InFairgrounds - Main Barn
Sat, Apr. 044:00 - 6:00 pmMeat Goat Check-InLivestock Barn
Sun, Apr. 056:00 pmMeat Goat ShowLivestock Show Arena
Livestock  --  Scramble Heifers
Thu, Apr. 025:00 - 9:00 pmScramble Heifer Check-InLivestock Barn
Fri, Apr. 035:30 pmCalf Scramble Participant Check-InLivestock Barn
Fri, Apr. 03during rodeoWalker County Youth Calf ScrambleRodeo Arena
Sat, Apr. 045:30 pmCalf Scramble Participant Check-InLivestock Barn
Sat, Apr. 04during rodeoWalker County Youth Calf ScrambleRodeo Arena
Fri, Apr. 106:00 pmScramble Heifer ShowLivestock Show Arena

2014 Results

Livestock  --  Steers
Grand ChampionKendall Williams
Reserve ChampionAdam Olsen
3rd PlaceKathryn Giese
4th PlaceKeara Wheaton
5th PlaceWill Loveday
6th PlaceRebecca Hoke
7th PlaceBryson Dyer
8th PlaceLauren Waters
9th PlaceTravis Goodrum
10th PlaceSonia McClerran
11th PlaceMorgan Nettuno
12th PlaceTy Chumley
13th PlaceEmber Gonzales
14th PlaceJeremiah Rich
15th PlaceJustin Schumann
Livestock  --  Swine
Grand ChampionMontanah Hatcher
Reserve ChampionMegan Billnoske
3rd PlaceDavin Sockwell
4th PlaceAshley Billnoske
5th PlaceSavanna Chitwood
6th PlaceSeth Adams
7th PlaceMaClaye Hatcher
8th PlaceMadison McKenzie
9th PlaceCollin Sanders
10th PlaceMyrita Winters
11th PlaceChad Novark
12th PlaceDylan Morrison
13th PlaceMason Wallace
14th PlaceMaci McKenzie
15th PlaceChance Rushing
Jr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionDavin Sockwell
Sr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionMaClaye Hatcher
Livestock  --  Lambs
Grand ChampionMorgean Schultz
Reserve ChampionCody Corcoran
3rd PlaceBrennen Rushing
4th PlaceChandler Robinson
5th PlaceChance Rushing
6th PlaceShelby Lepley
7th PlaceMcKayla Schultz
8th PlaceBryan Conner
9th PlaceDiane Woods
10th PlaceTyler Koonce
11th PlaceAshley McCaffety
12th PlaceDelaney Allen
13th PlaceJarrett Conner
14th PlaceMcKinley Yargo
15th PlaceLuke Yargo
Sr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionChandler Robinson
Sr. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionCody Corcoran
Jr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionTyler Koonce
Jr. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionBethany Brock
Int. Showmanship - Grand ChampionShelby Lepley
Int. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionChance Rushing
Livestock  --  Broilers
Grand ChampionSarah Heaton
Reserve ChampionCody O'Bannon
3rd PlaceBrady Wilson
4th PlaceKatie Marek
5th PlaceRiley Hooks
6th PlaceGary Holl
7th PlaceBrady Hooks
8th PlaceBen Roberts
9th PlaceSydney Paul
10th PlaceCameron Marek
11th PlaceSarah Drake
12th PlaceTori Paul
13th PlaceSamuel Slaughter
14th PlaceBilly Moak
15th PlaceSophia Legerski
Big BirdCameron Marek
Livestock  --  Rabbits
Grand ChampionMackenzie Dixon
Reserve ChampionRyan Schur
3rd PlaceHailey Hooks
4th PlaceRyan Harris
5th PlaceBrandy Muehe
6th PlaceChelsea Ringo
7th PlaceCason Moorman
8th PlaceCyerra Williams
9th PlaceRiley Hooks
10th PlaceHannah Bilnoski
11th PlaceBrady Hooks
12th PlaceLamya Lee
13th PlaceKorbin Fagan
14th PlaceSarah Lane
15th PlaceRiley Williams
Jr. Showmanship - 1stRyan Schur
Jr. Showmanship - 2ndSamantha Doyle
Jr. Showmanship - 3rdIsaac Pendley
Int. Showmanship - 1stIssiak Lewis
Int. Showmanship - 2ndJake Doyle
Int. Showmanship - 3rdShelby Wagner
Sr. Showmanship - 1stHunter Bell
Sr. Showmanship - 2ndRiley Trammell
Sr. Showmanship - 3rdRyan Harris
Best of ShowMackenzie DixonCalifornian Doe
Best Opposite in ShowMarkayla DickieNew Zealand Buck
1st - Jackpot FryersMackenzie Dixon
2nd - Jackpot FryersRyan Harris
3rd - Jackpot FryersMackenzie Dixon
4th - Jackpot FryersHunter Bell
Best CalifornianMackenzie Dixon
Best Opposite CalifornianLamya Lee
Best New ZealandMarkayla Dickie
Best Opposite New ZealandSarah Lane
Best FancyMackenzie DixonMini-Lop
Best Opposite FancyLamya LeeMini-Lop
Livestock  --  Commercial Heifers
Grand ChampionKatelyn Klawinsky
Reserve ChampionTaylor Bennett
3rd PlaceJacob Miller
4th PlaceCaroline Smith
5th PlaceJulie Yates
6th PlaceRyan Slott
7th PlaceBrittany Hogle
8th PlaceMackenzie Dixon
9th PlaceDaniel Davis
10th PlaceBrice Davis
11th PlaceHannah Hendricks
12th PlaceSamatha Davis
13th PlaceKathryn Giese
14th PlaceBrianna Burzynski
Jr. ShowmanshipTaylor Bennett
Sr ShowmanshipKathryn Giese
Livestock  --  Goats
Grand ChampionLuke Yargo
Reserve ChampionBoyd Hanagriff
3rd PlaceJayce Miller
4th PlacePaige Tegeler
5th PlaceDylan Morrison
6th PlaceMcKinley Yargo
7th PlaceAshley McCaffety
8th PlaceBrennen Rushing
9th PlaceMorgan Nettuno
10th PlaceJarrett Conner
11th PlaceChance Rushing
12th PlaceBailey Lamb
13th PlaceShelby Lepley
14th PlaceSamuel Hanagriff
15th PlaceCade Johnson
Sr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionLuke Yargo
Sr. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionDylan Morrison
Jr. Showmanship - Grand ChampionJoshua Cramer
Jr. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionBailey Lamb
Int. Showmanship - Grand ChampionChance Rushing
Int. Showmanship - Reserve ChampionShelby Lepley
Livestock  --  Scramble Heifers
Grand ChampionPaige TegelerDonor: Colt & Kelsey Christian
Reserve ChampionDustin NicholasDonor: Bradley & Laura Rich
3rd PlaceJustin DibbleDonor: John & Tanya Rich
Grand Champion ShowmanshipJustin Dibble
Reserve Champion ShowmanshipHannah Jeter
Herdsman - 1st PlaceJalen Dill
Herdsman - 2nd PlaceLaine Alford
Record Book - 1st PlaceJustin Dibble
Record Book - 2nd PlaceSamantha Tolbert
Record Book - 3rd PlaceHannah Jeter
Stall Decoration - 1st PlaceCharlotte Bagwell
Stall Decoration - 2nd PlaceJustin Dibble
Stall Decoration - 3rd PlaceSamantha Tolbert
Top Hand - 1st PlaceHannah Jeter
Top Hand - 2nd PlaceTaylor Thompson
Top Hand - 3rd PlaceJustin Dibble
Most ImprovedPaige Tegeler
Best EssayCameron Janes
Most Raffle Ticket SalesJustin Dibble
Champion Light WeightDustin Nicholas
Champion Medium WeightJustin Dibble
Champion Heavy WeightPaige Tegeler

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