Our 37th Year

Chairman - Amy Wilson

Contact:  936-348-1004

Make sure that you complete both the Horticulture Entry Form and the Non-Livestock Entry Form.  Turn in at Extension Office or to your teacher by deadline of Friday, March 21, 2014

Contest Rules & Entry Forms
   Horticulture Rules
   Horticulture Entry Form
   Non-Livestock Entry Form

Calendar Events

Fri, Mar. 205:00 pmHorticulture Registration DeadlineExtension Office or School
Tue, Apr. 074:00 - 6:00 pmHorticulture Check-InCommitteeman's Room
Wed, Apr. 089:00 amHorticulture JudgingCommitteeman's Room
Sat, Apr. 11noon Horticulture AuctionMain Building

2014 Results

Best of ShowAshley JonesHanging Flowering
Horticulture  --  Bedding Plants
1st PlaceCasey Red
2nd PlaceMarissa McRight
3rd PlaceNicole Billnoske
4th PlaceAshley Jones
5th PlaceLoryn Piersol
6th PlaceMaddie Cobler
7th PlaceKadi Tegeler
8th PlaceMacy Terpstra
9th PlaceJenna Drane
Horticulture  --  Vegetable
1st PlaceNicole Billnoske
2nd PlaceKadi Tegeler
3rd PlaceLoryn Piersol
4th PlaceCasey Red
5th PlaceMaddie Cobler
6th PlaceMarissa McRight
7th PlaceMacy Terpstra
8th PlaceTaylor Novark
Horticulture  --  Flowering - Hanging
1st PlaceAshley Jones
2nd PlaceJenna Drane
3rd PlaceMaddie Cobler
4th PlaceLoryn Piersol
5th PlaceCasey Red
6th PlaceNicole Billnoske
7th PlaceMarissa McRight
8th PlaceMacy Terpstra
9th PlaceKadi Tegeler
Horticulture  --  Foliage - Hanging
1st PlaceNicole Billnoske
2nd PlaceJenna Drane
3rd PlaceCasey Red
4th PlaceTaylor Novark
5th PlaceMarissa McRight
6th PlaceAshley Jones
7th PlaceMaddie Cobler
8th PlaceLoryn Piersol
9th PlaceHunter Owen
10th PlaceKadi Tegeler
Horticulture  --  6-inch Flowering
1st PlaceLoryn Piersol
2nd PlaceCasey Red
3rd PlaceMaddie Cobler
4th PlaceMarissa McRight
5th PlaceMacy Terpstra
6th PlaceJenna Drane
7th PlaceTaylor Novark
8th PlaceKadi Tegeler
Horticulture  --  6-inch Foliage
1st PlaceMarissa McRight
2nd PlaceCasey Red
3rd PlaceNicole Billnoske
4th PlaceJenna Drane
5th PlaceMaddie Cobler
6th PlaceLoryn Piersol
7th PlaceKadi Tegeler
8th PlaceGarrett Oates
9th PlaceTaylor Novark
10th PlaceJustin Dibble
11th PlaceKara Kuykendal
12th PlaceMadyson Meager
Horticulture  --  Decorative Container
1st PlaceSavannah Jensen
2nd PlaceChristina Rozell
3rd PlaceShaylee Ritter
4th PlaceRobert Deahl
5th PlaceHaley Young
6th PlaceCalden Beene
Horticulture  --  Creative Container
1st PlaceMacy Terpstra

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