Our 37th Year
Academic Rodeo

Chairman:   Lisa Branch

Contact:  936-661-6506

Contest Rules & Entry Forms
   Academic Rodeo General Rules & Entry Form

Calendar Events

Academic Rodeo
Sun, Mar. 0112:00 pmAcademic Rodeo Essays Duemust be received NOT postmarked by this date
Sun, Apr. 051:00 - 2:00 pmAcademic Rodeo RegistrationMain Building
Sun, Apr. 052:00 pmAcademic RodeoMain Building
Sat, Apr. 112:00 - 4:00 pmPick Up Essays and Craft ProjectsMain Building

2014 Results

Academic Rodeo  --  Craft Project  --  Kindergarten
1st PlaceMikhil Patel
2nd PlaceRebecca Vaughn
3rd PlaceGavin Marsalis
4th PlaceLucy Jones
Academic Rodeo  --  Craft Project  --  1st Grade
1st PlaceRhett Foshee
2nd PlaceSkylar Jett
3rd PlaceKinsey Mullings
4th PlaceAndy Knudson
5th PlaceKailey Greer
Academic Rodeo  --  Craft Project  --  2nd Grade
1st PlaceEmily Vaughn
2nd PlaceMegan Beard
3rd PlaceNatalie Bruce
4th PlaceAllie Warren
5th PlaceBrooke Munoz
6th PlaceZach Brega
Academic Rodeo  --  Craft Project  --  3rd Grade
1st PlaceThomas Rose
2nd PlaceAnnabella Michalski
3rd PlaceDonovan Palma
Academic Rodeo  --  Craft Project  --  4th Grade
1st PlaceAubrey Lane
2nd PlaceBrady Wilson
3rd PlaceTrent Mayfield
4th PlaceSavanna Chitwood
5th PlaceKaelah Patel
6th PlaceEli Jones
Academic Rodeo  --  Spelling Bee  --  1st Grade
1st PlaceLukas Collier
2nd PlaceAgnes Fakorede
3rd PlaceLeinaya Gay
4th PlaceCarter Allen
5th PlaceZach Steffa
6th PlaceSkylar Jett
Academic Rodeo  --  Spelling Bee  --  2nd Grade
1st PlaceHannah Heinemann
2nd PlaceMegan Beard
3rd PlaceAum Patel
4th PlaceEnoila Asubiaro
5th PlaceJoey Gaudin
6th PlaceHadassah DeDominicis
Academic Rodeo  --  Spelling Bee  --  3rd Grade
1st PlaceReed Barnett
2nd PlaceJack Tuttle
3rd PlaceTyler Pomeroy
4th PlaceLydia Henderson
5th PlaceMadison Caffee
6th PlaceAnnabella Michalski
Academic Rodeo  --  Spelling Bee  --  5th Grade
1st PlaceEthan Koska
2nd PlaceGracie Barnett
3rd PlaceNehia Oliphant
4th PlaceMatthew Namrata
5th PlaceLauren Skillen
6th PlaceMaddie Riley
Academic Rodeo  --  Spelling Bee  --  7th & 8th Grade
1st PlaceJacob Gaudin
2nd PlaceJohnny Mitchell
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  1st Grade
1st PlaceLukas Collier
2nd PlaceZach Steffa
3rd PlaceLeinaya Gay
4th PlaceKailey Greer
5th PlaceAgnes Fakorede
6th PlaceCarter Allen
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  2nd Grade
1st PlaceJoey Gaudin
2nd PlaceAJ Steffa
3rd PlaceBrianna Greer
4th PlaceHannah Heinemann
5th PlaceZach Brega
6th PlaceLauren Klawinsky
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  3rd Grade
1st PlaceJack Tuttle
2nd PlaceTyler Pomeroy
3rd PlaceReed Barnett
4th PlaceLydia Henderson
5th PlaceAnnabella Michalski
6th PlaceToni Harper
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  4th Grade
1st PlaceEli Jones
2nd PlaceTaylor Turner
3rd PlaceMarci Smith
4th PlaceJack Riley
5th PlaceAubrey Lane
6th PlaceNick DeDominicis
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  5th Grade
1st PlaceNehie Oliphant
2nd PlaceMatthew Namrata
3rd PlaceGracie Barnett
4th PlaceBrittanie Kosak
5th PlaceMadyson Vaughn
6th PlaceLauren Skillen
Academic Rodeo  --  Math Bee  --  7th & 8th Grade
1st PlaceJacob Gaudin
2nd PlaceJohnny Mitchell
3rd PlaceKat Primm
Academic Rodeo  --  Essay Contest  --  Kindergarten
1st PlaceAnnsley Hursts
2nd PlacePayton Pulling
3rd PlaceMary Jo Riley
4th PlaceMikhil Patel
5th PlaceRebecca Vaughn
6th PlaceLucy Jones
Academic Rodeo  --  Essay Contest  --  2nd Grade
1st PlaceAllie Warren
2nd PlaceHannah Heinemann
3rd PlaceBrooke Munoz
4th PlaceRoslie Jones
5th PlaceEmily Vaughn
6th PlaceMegan Beard
Academic Rodeo  --  Essay Contest  --  3rd Grade
1st PlaceReed Barnett
2nd PlaceMadison Caffee
3rd PlaceThomas Rose
4th PlaceJack Tuttle
5th PlaceLydia Henderson
Academic Rodeo  --  Essay Contest  --  4th Grade
1st PlaceDawson Garner
2nd PlaceKeegan Hurst
3rd PlaceAubrey Lane
Academic Rodeo  --  Essay Contest  --  5th Grade
1st PlaceMaddie Riley
2nd PlaceChelsea Russell
3rd PlaceGracie Barnett
4th PlaceMadelynne Van Roekel
5th PlaceJessica Kohers
6th PlaceNicole Kohers

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